Children's Ministry

Kids are going to form their first impressions of God and the local church through our ministry, so we want that picture to accurately reflect how awesome it is to have a relationship with God. We want them to love his Word, to want to be a part of community, and to be committed to using their spiritual gifts within the Church. As we strive to make these things happen in our ministry, and do it with excellence, we make it the best part of every kid's week. At Gateway Church, our children ministries consist of two departments:
Jericho Junction:
Jericho Junction is a ministry for children ages 3-5 years of age. One of the exciting features of Jericho Junction is our puppets. Each week our children are challenged and inspired with the Word of God by puppets. The main emphasis of this ministry for children is godly character. We believe this to be a pivotal time in a child's life to teach this characteristic. Each week, we begin Jericho Junction with active worship and prayer.
Route 66:
Route 66 is a ministry for children ages 6-11 years of age. Route 66 is representative of the 66 books of the bible. Each week this age group learns bible doctrine. The emphasis of this class is to teach boys and girls basic knowledge of the bible. Route 66 reinforces what the children learned in Jericho Junction about godly character, and expand their knowledge to include the essential teachings of Jesus on salvation, faith,   and the Holy Spirit. Each week, we begin our children ministries with worship & prayer.


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